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heavy. as we head to san jose you don't have much. so thestory are the scattered sprinkles and ice so -- it's so cold we're looking at snow flurries on bay area peaks and then we'll pinpoint how cold it's going to get around here. . > . >> you you can check out just how cold and wet it is before you head out the door tomorrow morning on your mobile device. down load our station ktvu app to your smartphone. >> crews hauled and stacked around 4,000 bags along san fireman keet creek -- san francisquito creek. . >> i got a lot of a-water in the garage so mibach yard was a mess. we had a mess all around. >> city officials say they plan to do a major overhaul of the levee this summer and are applying for disaster funds crews tonight are still cleaning up a sewage leak that contaminated several areas of the medical center in oakland. hospital staff spotted the leak and quickly responded. alex. >> a short time ago, a spoeks man told me owe a-shay will be -- osha will be investigating the response to the leak. todaywe talked to workers who's job was to sterilize instruments used fsh surge
on plane simulators, boat pilots train on ship simulators so problems like this one don't happen. the california maritime academy simulators account for nonhuman contingencies and uncontrols such as mechanical failures. >> you're going to have incidents because things have to be under your control. there'll be mechanical failures that you can't control. the difference is how you respond to them. >> reporter: on a clear day the bay bridge is completely avoidable. but drop the visible down to .25 like it was yesterday and things get very dicey. >> this is what the bay bridge looks like with a .25 visibility and we're much closer than a .25 of a mile. >> you really have to be able to multi task and get everybody working together and you have to rely on your bridge team. >> reporter: an that with ships from all corners of the world means dealing with people with different nationalities and communication. since simulators can create many types of situations, pilots can be confidence when if a what if turns into a what now. >>> on ktvu you can find more on that collision. >>> a moraga
of the stairs so the officers opened fire. he supports his men's decision to use their fire arms. >> i don't want to speculate, but officers don't shoot and kill anyone unless they are forced to do that. >> the toxicology report isn't back. he had no criminal record. the officers involved in the shooting have returned to work. >>> the fbi is in charge of finding more victims of the "speed freak killers" and today agents are digging a new well. ktvu's ken pritchett is there tonight with how the fbi says they will do this the right way. ken? >> reporter: many were critical of the sheriff's department which water in charge of excavating a well last year. they did find remains but they were badly damaged and many blames the techniques that were used. the fbi says on the new well it will be different. >> reporter: you can see the fbi preparing the dig site, the excavation of a abandon well. >> this may take 2-3 weeks. >> reporter: six months of investigation led them to this well, including a visit by wesley shermantine in the fall. wesley shermantine and loren herzog are believed to have kille
at the disposal site. a deputy toll us they don't know yet if the man was a victim of foul play or if his death was accidental. investigators say they know the man's identity and will release it pending notification of next of kin. >>> police are looking into a shooting that left one man dead. it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. officers say when they arrived on the scene the victim was already dead. so far no word on any suspects or a motive. >>> a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother in vallejo told a judge today that he wants to plead guilty to that crime. 70-year-old dennis stanworth is accuse of killing danny stanworth. he was initially sent to prison for killing two teen girls. stanworth was released on parol in 1990. an official plea has not been made. he is expected to be arraigned next friday. >>> oakland police say they looked for seven wanted people today. they ran seven warrants. the people detained today had been warned if they didn't straighten up they would be arrested. >> we are going to use every effort, every legal means to bring you to justice and
her friends off the streets. i really miss her. i don't want her death to be? vain. >> in december, police arrested three suspects, including a juvenile. the adult, 18-year-old deante powell and tony edwards are charged with murder. >>> sacramento police have made two more arrests in a deadly shooting in old sacramento on new year's eve. 34-year-old charles fowler scholz and amber scholz face charges with a deadly weapon. police believe amber started a fight between her husband and another man, carlito montoya. he is accused of shooting and killing a club bouncer and another restaurant employee. he is in jail. three other people were hurt. >>> authorities say four men from the bay area have been arrested as part of a nationwide federal crackdown on child sexual exploitation. the five-week operation sunflower resulted in the identification of 245 suspects nationwide. in the bay area, the department of homeland security says men were arrested in reasoner park, pleasant hill and san jose. three were arrested on distribution of child pornography. >>> a girl is in critical condition aft
degree burns that left her almost unrecognizable. >> nervous. he don't know what to do. he said he didn't do it. >> reporter: he faces 11 counts. each carrying a maximum life in prison. prosecutors detailed a history of violence. including a violation of a domestic violence protective order, a misdemeanor battery case and a violation of a domestic violence court order. >> he had a little temper. this is a little thing they got into it. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $10 million and issued a protective order barring him from her home and family. >> we are pleased to see this as a public safety issue, safety for the family first, safety for her children. >> reporter: they applauded the judge's decision. >> this is a heinous crime. horrible. and we have to heal. >> mike: the family declined to speak to us after leaving court but she faces several more surgeries. he is due in court january 29. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police say a man who was sent to death row for kidnapping, and killing two girls admitted to killing his mother. authorit
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